On their forthcoming album, “The Hoss, The Candle,” White Dove have crafted a lush collection of songs that are both enigmatic and powerful. With touches of soft-rock, psychedelia, and classic California rock, White Dove confidently layer ethereal background harmonies with cosmic slide guitar. However, the band never stay in the sun for long. Night has fallen on the streets of LA, with White Dove creating their own dark-pop sound.

As songwriter Alex Johnstone’s abstract lyricism and otherworldly vocals anchor the album, the songs twist and turn, from a laid back shuffle one minute, to ominously expansive the next.  The band reveal themselves to be capable of both the celestial as well as the immediate, with instantly memorable songs that could leave the ground at any moment.

Shedding their former name Monster, a moniker Alex Johnstone has carried since forming the band in Sierra Madre, CA in 2002, this year finds White Dove completing their new album at Kingsize Sound Labs in Los Angeles with producer Dave Trumfio. “The Hoss, The Candle” again puts Johnstone’s voice and songwriting front and center, this time supported by the melodically spry guitar lines of Jack Long and the cool bass lines of Carl Harders. Keyboards and pedal steel round out a record that is steeped in transcendent melodies and silvery songcraft. With touchstones such as Fleetwood Mac, Emitt Rhodes, and The Byrds, the band display their love of sophisticated rock classicism on songs such as “I’m The Air”, “Cold Mountain” and “I Saw You.”

While the band wears their hometown pride on their sleeves, the songwriting is full of surprises.  Invoking Julee Cruise via Twin Peaks, the song “No One Home” is a yearning waltz down the dark end of the street. Other songs such as “Sister” and “The Famous Horseman” call to mind the spectral qualities of Kate Bush. Still, the aura that the band creates is undeniably their own throughout the album, a record that is meant to be played under a starry sky. On “The Hoss, The Candle”, White Dove have created a sound that swells and glows in the night.